RIP Michael Jackson

where was i when i first heard that mj might’ve passed away: 7am changing baz’s nappy. had just done a big boob that leaked all over his pants and bodysuit. first heard it on the radio 94.5fm, i normally play the radio to distract baz. was shocked. ayman had just gone to work…

and it was confirmed…as i was glued to seven sunrise program.

i was never a fan of him. he did visit perth in ’86 for telethon and again a decade later…but the only thing that he’s got to do with my life was made me take an interest in egypt, even decide to go there when i first heard “remember the time”…and look where i am now…

what was more bizarre was that up until now ayman had no idea who michael was or what effect he had on the music industry…pop culture…so we watched the tv tributes together and told him about that song…

~ by nursheikha on June 27, 2009.

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