Sarkozy and the hijab

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sarkozy is a prick in my books

since when does any government have a right to intervene with someone’s private space and life?

has he even consulted any of the muslim groups there with this decision…

like i said previously, its fashionable to be naked but not decent

is he lost in time? doesn’t he see how diverse the french population is now? especially centuries after the consitition was created. i definitely think it (french constitution) should be upgraded to suit such modern times…or doesn’t it want to see the fruits of what it was trying to destroy in its colonization hayday -islam? who else made up the minds of orientals to spread shit about islam, the islamic civilization, that its significance that expanded over centuries, that brought some of the quintessentisential knowledge that we can’t do without today, were wiped out, hushed from our history books today…

they still don’t under what its like to free the shackles of female subgugation from male tyranny, supremacy…the real, true, pure version of it…because the woman are still treated as objects, why are they therefore expected to be naked, rather than clothes?

this move also skows that france no longer has a left lobby as well as illustrate how close-minded, backward they are with regards to tolerating differances

will write more about this later coz baz is crying

~ by nursheikha on July 3, 2009.

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