astounded by how much baz seeks my love

Love, love, love

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in my life, its always been me the one who seeks other people’s love, attention, care…so when baz does this to me, it is quite a shock to my system…

i know its normal for bubs to do this, but for me its something quite new because i thought i would be the one trying catch a smile, a laugh from him…

when he’s with someone else and i happen to leave the room his eyes follow me hoping that i return again…

this is only when he’s 3 months, how about when he’s older…how can i go on my trips to do errands whilst i leave him with mum?

even if when he’s with dad, trying to catch up on some arabic, coz in the morning he gets his malay lessons from grandma, most of the day english with me, baz would insist to dad that he’d rather be with me…

it is a nice feeling to be wanted because its very few times i’ve experienced this from anyone. i dont even get this with ayman most of the time. but i know it’ll also fade away when he grows much older and becomes more independent…

~ by nursheikha on July 9, 2009.

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