the hijab martyr-marwa sherbini”

i’m still waiting for our local tv commercial channels to pick this story up…i’ve even written to one of them and all i get on yahoo7 is something like ‘world’s longest golf course to open’…you can cover a stupid future golf tournament course but not a brutal hate crime -committed against an innocent, pregnant, veiled muslim woman.

we can wish something like the holocaust to never happen again -maybe not to the jews, but its occuring in other ethnic groups as we speak and everyone particularly the media, those in power, turns a blind eye. just like they’re turning a blind eye to the death of this woman, who was trying to defend herself in court from being abused all because she was muslim, only to be butchered in front of the dresden court, her husband and baby with security doing squat about it, only to have accidently (my ass) hit her husband.

i’m tired coz its taken me 6 hours to put baz to sleep and i’m so over mj’s tributes. get over it!!! just had to squeeze this in before i go to bed and thats before i finish making ayman’s lunch and breakfast in advance

here are other link:


~ by nursheikha on July 9, 2009.

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