baida chicken -halal?

Halal Subway in Sydney

Originally uploaded by islamoyankee

just saw in the coles shopping brochure featuring baida chicken in one of their weekly specials…and i’m shocked

i normally purchase baida flaming chicken pieces and chicken nuggets from my local halal butcher, so had to find out if it was really halal or not seeing its the same brand and i checked on their websites and a forum that it was, which was quite a surprised coz it means i don’t have venture out so far to fetch my beloved white meat

even though there are more halal outlets that’ve popped up in and around the city, you eventually get bored of eating there and just wished we had halal mc donald’s, kfc’s, hungry jacks, subways -just like they do in melbourne and sydney…why is perth so isolated -that i have to fly 4 hours to the eastern states or internationally like malaysia, singapore, egypt to sample such fast foods…not that its healthy but still…you’ve spent of your life here steering away from these things because they’re not halal, would be nice if they were closer to home…

~ by nursheikha on July 10, 2009.

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