how do you celebrate a birthday for someone who’s diabetic?

Happy Birthday Dad

Originally uploaded by Honora Gerbeck

its dad’s birthday today…

just realised it when i woke up this morning…too many things going on made me forget…

anyways, i’m waiting for my sis to come back home to buy something garden-y from bunnings since he’s got quite a green thumb…he’s made what was a barren aussie backyard to a malaysian exotic jungle…he can grow practically anything in this climate and poor soil…so much that most of his and mum’s friends, even the nearby neighbours come over to ask for free lemongrass, bananas, curry leaves, chillis, limes, guavas, jackfruits, mangoes, lemons, kiwi fruits, promegranates, etc etc…coz all these things are so expensive at your local chinese grocers…

anyways, he turned 59 today…mum’s cooked some beef rendang, carrot rice to do her part of the celebrations…told my sis shila to buy a card as well…

why the whohaa today…well out of my 2 folks, its always been my dad who’s remembered our birthdays and goes out of his way to celebrate it, even when we’ve been such pains…but i don’t think we can ever afford his desired birthday presie -for him to retire early, own a home and never having to work again, just spend all day gardening yet…particularly with the current economic crisis at the moment…but one day inshaállah…

just managed to find diabetic ideas for birthday occasions…

alhamdulillah for us being healthy and still living and because of this, have always got something to give…


~ by nursheikha on July 10, 2009.

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