Too stingy to buy milk formula

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had another row with hubby today, this time over milk formula and nappy..

hubby hasn’t been paid for the last 2 weeks so been living on the allowance the government gives me and baasil (which is $409 a fortnight)…and this is what’s been finding us 3 amigos…

this morning i text him to transfer some money to our joint account to buy baz’s milk and nappy coz the freaking bank had automatically blocked my mastercard because stupid optus had problems recharging my net and because baz has thrash, i don’t want to breastfeed him or else i’d get mastitis and sick…

checked the account lunch time, still no money. so text him as to where’s the money. he said why am i not using the baby bonus money. and i said, since he got paid yesterday, why not use his since he’s always complaining that i don’t save…

so we got into a heated argument again…told him its not the government’s money to take care of me and baz coz the government’s not my husband. told him whatever Allah gives, your family has a right to it, especially when the mother doesn’t work.

even if he’s a millionaire, he’ll still probably want me and baz to live off from welfare…that how freaking stingy he is…and he forgets…its shaitan that makes you think you’re short in pocket…that spending on your family is the best sadaqah…but what the fuck does he know…prays up and down but has no compassion or generosity in his heart…

i told him when he’s son’s hungry, does his father expect his son to wait until 6pm before he even gets a drop of milk? had to fork out from the avon money to make up for it.

he expects me to beg, freaking why should i be humiliated?!

when i came home after doing my avon brochure rounds, the argument fired up again…

he asked me what sort of law was i living on, that he needed some straight-talking from me…i was like wtf! he’s the one that shamelessly expects his wife to feed him while he’s the one making all the money…what fucking law justifies that…only one of greed and selfishness…

so i told him once he’s done with his tax return, he can go back to his own country and never bother to see his son again…

mum tried to break the fight up, blaming me again…because of my voice…but how does my voice got to do with stirring things up when he’s the one not being manly enough to look after his family for months…she’s always complaining as why i’m not paying dad rent, helping out with the groceries, does she ever bloody ask ayman who’s freaking holding the money!!!

if i’m taking care of everything -i should have a right to some money!

and he could want me to hand over the baby bonus money too saying i had no right over that…wtf…

i told him to go because he deserves to be on the streets not in a home since he’s hardly sustaining one and he’s still not budging…

centrelink can’t help me out with the single parenting payments coz he’s still in the home…feel so trapped

~ by nursheikha on July 10, 2009.

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