dogs with a mission:oprah (taking care of inmates and veterans)

I See You

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i don’t always go go-go ga-ga when it comes to animals but there were these service dogs that were trained but more like rehabilitating in-mates so that the in-mates could feel “love, human emotions again before these dogs gets passed onto iraqi/afghani veterans…and it was so moving how they were able to move men from different wars (one on the streets, the other international)…was definitely quite extraordinary…

makes me think…should also look out for/create moving moments like this in my own life…

the program also highlighted the effects of post traumatic stress disorder for those returning from war…you don’t become normal again…didn’t they learn from vietnam?

sure its a brave thing to fight for your country but sometimes you have to think which wars are worthwhile to fight…you do have a choice…its not as if everone’s been conscripted to these wars…


~ by nursheikha on July 17, 2009.

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