pusaka -aka jinns, looking out for the family?


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mum thinks baz is affected by a “sawan”, in malay terms something jinn/spirit-like surrounding him, because he keeps crying at night, but then again -dont all babies do/colic?, other than that when he’s in a good mood, keeps looking up in the celing and being entertained by it, and its at the corner of the room, not the lights…so it is puzzling…especially when he automatically goes to sleep after i wipe yaasin water/zamzam on his face and some in his milk…so who’s keeping him company alongside of me?

i don’t take him outside when maghrib/sunset because even the prophet s.a.w discouraged it as this is when the shaitan/devil comes out and play and even if i hold him closer to the door, i know mum will start barking…scolding like crazy coz she’s so into these things…

but this morning, when i was waiting for baz to wake up, was walking into mum’s room whereby she was telling my sister shila about the “pusaka” kept in my family as my sister just came back from watching harry potter the night before…she was saying that my paternal grandfather and his mum kept a few. i presume to protect the family as the place they were living at half a century ago was still pretty much jungle…-what a great security system, just like they put some guarding the ancient egyptian tombs in egypt, and secondly, it was their version of get-rich-quickly-schemes during their heyday…they put more emphasis on land than education…and sold their soul to the devil in the meantime..which in islam is a grave sin…

mum mentioned about great grandma’s un-inhabited haunted house…how part of mum going back to malaysia again this ramadan is to exocize/clean out the house (basically read quraan, throw yaasin water all over, literally spring clean the house) because the neighbours and tenants have been complaining about who uncomfortable they are with it…but then again i’m thinking why can’t the folks who normally go to the masjid just a few houses down do that since the whole area -jalan lorong imam tahir, masjid tanah, melaka are all relies of one another…

anyways, the thing with this pusaka is its inherited, dunno in which order, but if one of the family is appealing to them they’ll practically bother you till you go crazy…its not something thats fabricated in hollywood movies but its actually true because my mum saw a few of her nighbours get possessed until they got the local sheikh to read quraan/some special duas/potions -that i wouldn’t mind finding out until they were ok…so i’m like thinking -is it us? is that the reason why we’re the only part of the clan thats overseas? to get away from the shit our ancestors use to get up to?

there’s also people getting bewitched…which my uncle bore after his ex-girlfriend couldn’t accept being ditched by him. he didn’t get out of it until a decade later when they found the spell and threw it into the sea…

and i’m thinking why cant anyone do that for the shit grandpa did coz none of his blood needs it as we have someone more powerful, of whom the spirits/jinns submit to -GOD/ALLAH

i do read ayat kursi and the 3 quls over baz whenever i start to feel uneasy but would be great if anyone, especially malay/indonesian can make me comprehend this phenomena…

and everyone says asians are the most gentlest of creatures…we might not have a lot of guns like those in europe but we have something even stronger, more dangerous than that -the supernatural, to protect us…

but i know its not just the malays, indons that use these spirits for their personal gains but chinese, thais…everyone i guess…but its all hush hush, or made into a drama series…

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  1. You have to learn to control them, but you must treat them even better than your own flesh… you must think of them as a royal guest… it is a long story but read on solomon and you get an idea. I warn you playing with jinn is a double edged sword, and you should not do it, just rely on Allah and ask him to protect you and give you everything you need… asking jinn for things that should come from Allah is a kind of shirk.

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