woolies kiddo

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this is baz’s 3 month old vocabulary so far:

maaaaaaa: mum
uhhh-uhhhhh: need nappy changed
ga-áaaaaah: i’m hungry
gaaaáhh: milk
uh: yes (acknowledgement)
arrrrr (think of a cat screaching): (frustration)
bloh bloh (like blowing air quickly from mouth): (he’s cold)

just amazes me of how expressive and in control of his own body/himself at such a young age

when he’s not happy, the whole mirrabooka knows…

but i love it how he’ll stare at me until i realise this and then he beams out the most beautiful smile…a smile his dad is craving for coz him and dad aren’t getting along too well at the moment…

and what ayman use to do to me, his own son is doing to him…


~ by nursheikha on July 22, 2009.

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