recent jakarta bombings -my thoughts

just when you think indonesia’s become more peaceful again after the last bombings, mostly aimed at foreigners, another two explodes again last week, and this wasn’t at any soft spots but 2 of the top luxury hotels who apparently was suppose to have the best security…apparently not…

am bracing myself for another anything-indonesian/muslim/asian boycott/backlash particularly by the media, just like they did in the last 2 bali bombings…we’ll see…

me thinks the reason for JI (jemaah islamiyya)’s extreme-ness is due to…how relaxed (anything-goes attitude) the rest of the population are with islam. i would never take any fatwa any sheikh/imam there seriously on face-value, regardless of their credentials because most of them make a business out of giving fatwas and the fatwas they give go outside of the spirit of Islam, just like in egypt…there’s no denying the government officials there from bottom up are corrupt…because there’s such a big margin between the poor and the rich people would do anything to live, there the foreigners are their golden ticket to a better life even if it means selling out Islam, prostituting yourself…so with this in mind, JI thinks this is enough validation to resort to violence, extremism to get the biggest muslim country in line…

and then there’s the foreigners…i’m sure JI’s resenting how much their dollar/euro is cheap-ifying their life/culture there with all the booze, prostitution, nightclubs there are there…and especially how a lot of australians call bali their home all because its their cheapest form of getaway international paradise aside from figi, vanuatu…for those who are patriotic to indonesia and fiercely moreso to islam its a harsh reminder of the colonial days, only this is now the modern version of it), the dutch in particular…and what people/nation enjoyed being colonized?

if JI or any other group, even al-Qaeda, Taliban were truly out there to preach/defend/practise Islam -there would have done so in MODERATION, with no suicide bombings, innocent civilians being targetted, honour killings…and even if they wanted to go to war, a holy war say, there would be MORE TALKS/NEGOTIATIONS!!! and that any war should be THE LAST RESORT, between men to men…not babies, women, children, the sick, elderly…

yes, there are certain states (yes israel, america), who are already doing this to innocent citizens, but if we we’re better like we say and think we are, we (muslims/anyone who has any moral fibre or ounce of humanity), would never respond in the same way, only better and more nobler…

thats i guess whats missing in the world today…NOBLE PEOPLE…NOBLE ACTS…that even the nobel prize can’t quantify…


Police Investigate Islamist in Jakarta Bombing

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Police searching for the identities of two suicide bombers who attacked hotels here last week are believed to be investigating a 35-year-old alleged terrorist known as Nur Sahid who attended one of Indonesia’s best-known Islamic schools in the 1990s.

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A boy places a flower in front of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jakarta Friday. Nine people died in blasts there and the neighboring JW Marriott.
The coordinated attacks ripped through Jakarta’s JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels Friday morning, killing nine people and injuring 53. Intelligence officials have already said they believe Noordin Mohamed Top, one of Southeast Asia’s most-wanted terrorism suspects, masterminded the bombings, though police haven’t formally identified him by name.

Intelligence experts say Mr. Noordin was a superior to Mr. Sahid in Jemaah Islamiyah, a Southeast Asian affiliate of al Qaeda that carried out attacks against nightclubs, embassies and hotels in Indonesia in 2000 to 2005, killing almost 300 people.

Jakarta Attackers Not Yet Identified
Indonesian police have yet to identify the perpetrators of the blasts at two Jakarta hotels, but police said Monday the regional militant group Jemaah Islamiah could be behind the attacks. Video courtesy of Reuters.
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Deadly Bomb Hits Jakarta Hotels Manchester United Halts Visit After Jakarta Bombs CCTV Video Shows Jakarta Blast Police took DNA samples from the family of Mr. Sahid in a village in Central Java, a province on Indonesia’s biggest island, state media reported.

Mr. Sahid graduated from the al Mukmin Islamic boarding school in a suburb of Solo in Central Java in 1995, said Sidney Jones, an adviser to the International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based peace-building advocacy body. Many of the school’s alumni went on to become members of Jemaah Islamiyah.

Ms. Jones, an expert on Islamic terrorist groups in Southeast Asia, estimates that 15 members of the class of 1995 have carried out terrorist attacks, including a suicide car bombing at the JW Marriott in 2003 that killed 12 people. Mr. Sahid, she said, was in this class.

The latest attacks have rattled many Indonesians, who had grown accustomed to several years of stability after the run of terrorist attacks earlier in the decade. On Monday, Indonesia’s trade minister said she thought the suicide bombings would have a limited impact on local markets, and that Indonesia’s economic fundamentals remain strong, with growth of 4% to 4.5% expected this year. Indonesian markets were closed Monday for an Islamic holiday.

Police have been unable to identify the recovered bodies of the suicide bombers because of the extent of their injuries from the blasts. A police spokesman declined to comment.

On Guard and Grieving in Jakarta: Photos
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Associated Press

An Indonesian police officer attached a poster showing images of Noordin Mohammad Top on the windshield of his car during a patrol in Surabaya, East Java Monday.

Violence Strikes: Past Attacks
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A Restive Region: Map
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Hotel Owners Note Security Strides Diary: Indonesia Interrupted Attack Puts Focus on Elusive Suspect Opinion: Terror in Jakarta Indonesian police say the latest bombings, which used homemade explosives and hit Western targets, show the hallmarks of Jemaah Islamiyah, whose suspected spiritual leaders have said they seek to create an Islamic caliphate in Southeast Asia.

Scores of the shadowy group’s cadres have been arrested in recent years in security crackdowns. But Mr. Sahid evaded capture and remained in contact with Mr. Noordin. In recent years, Mr. Sahid is believed to have rented safehouses in Central Java for Mr. Noordin and his associates, Ms. Jones said. Police raided the houses in 2006, killing two alleged Jemaah Islamiyah members, but were unable to locate Mr. Noordin or Mr. Sahid.

In recent months, the search for Mr. Noordin has focused on Cilacap, Central Java. Last week, just before the bombings, police raided a house there belonging to Mr. Noordin’s father-in-law, uncovering explosive material similar to an undetonated bomb found in the JW Marriott, according to senior antiterrorism officials. Again, they missed Mr. Noordin.

Ms. Jones said she didn’t think Abu Bakar Bassyir, a cleric who co-founded the al Mukmin school in 1972 and has been described as the spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, was involved in the latest attacks.

Mr. Bassyir was jailed for conspiracy after the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 mostly Western tourists. He was released in 2006 and Indonesia’s Supreme Court later overturned his conviction.

After his release, Mr. Bassyir returned to the school and set up a new above-ground Islamic group, Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid, to focus on religious education and the imposition of Shariah law in Indonesia, a secular nation. He doesn’t appear to have any active involvement with current operative terrorists, Ms. Jones said.

Mr. Bassyir’s two sons deliver antidemocratic sermons at al Mukmin, she said, and a number of the children of convicted Jemaah Islamiyah members are enrolled, making it a potential recruiting ground for hard-line Islamists.

—P.R. Venkat contributed to this article.
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