Have to let go of this longing…

http://www.arabicmusictranslation.com/search/label/Marwan%20Khoury -you can find other arabic english-translated lyrics here too

Marwan Khoury – Castle of Desire

Your voice, your face, your scent, your hair
The touch of your hands calls me
I see in you the mother of my children
And smell the breeze of my land and people
I know the back of the blue sea
When the sun dies you are created
I know that you are my coming years
When the past drowns in your sea

I say I love you and the universe widens and get’s small again
My life above the melting sand is a castle of desire that was not built
I dream of you and hope the dream will grow and become complete
The life of my home is at your hands
A small house will become the most beautiful

I so long for a small house and you coming to me and nothing more
And windows of intimacy light up and the gates of confusion are broken
Your heart beat draws a picture of my heart
Your life is my life and your path is my path
I long for your face
It protects me from the faces of liars

~ by nursheikha on July 25, 2009.

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