guns-do we need them?


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was watching the simpsons today on foxtel coz i was waiting to watch america’s next top model and it was about the debarcle after homer getting a gun to “protect” his family…

sure its part of the 2nd amendment in the american constitution but what good does it do when its within your homely compound?

kids can pick it up and play western with it not knowing if its real and loaded…

fathers can use it on mothers in the midst of a heated argument…

it could accidently trigger off without any intention of hurting anyone just like it killed one of the aussie soldiers in afghanistan a few years ago…

if people have the right to bear arms to protect themselves then they are saying they have the right to commit murder…the opportunity is there…the opportunity, the power to control another person’s life by force…the ability to kill…

sounds so chilling…but i think unless its your job to protect citizens like cops and have been trained, then you shouldn’t have it…hunting is unfashionable and so old school, there’s what you call butchers now to get your meat…

it also made me think…if america thinks its citizens have a right to protect themselves, why doesn’t it share this idea with the rest of the world…for example, its ok for israel and india to go nuclear, but not iran…israel can butcher any palesteneans as they want but palestinians are only suppose to defend themselves with rocks…you can invade a country just because their leader decided to go euro with their oil and concuct so many lies to rally the world’s support on your lying quest to find WMD’s and because of this invasion the iraqi’s are bound by their new-undemocratic constitution to give up most of their wealth (oil) as a favour for getting rid of the “threat/demon”of the world…its like another country holding up another country by force, by threat -how is this justified or even dignified?


~ by nursheikha on July 28, 2009.

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