Heads up with tummy time

Tummy Time

Originally uploaded by Nadia308

just wanted everyone to know baz can FINALLY lift his head up during tummy tim!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY mashaállah baz!

was getting worried because he should have been able to this ages ago and when the nurse tested his tummy, turning skills -he failed…wasn’t a nice feeling coz it felt like i failed as a mother…

i know he’s a premature baby…have to expect him to catch up a month later but still when you see him he’s so tall and so reactive, you’d think he’s 6 months or 12 months that you can’t help but wish he didn’t have any developmental problems…

and i know i’m easily to blame if he does start having any especially when no one’s backing you up…its stressful…

so yay he can shit, suck to feed, mumble, do kong fu with his legs, loves bright lights and colours, grab his fingers and things especially those with a bell or that rattle…




~ by nursheikha on July 28, 2009.

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