how much would you sell your organs for? ORGAN TRADE

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sure people here are encouraged to donate their organs after you die and you can do this when you apply for your driver’s license or medicare card because you will be saving another person’s life -and thats an honourable thing of course -to save another life, but what if your organs were taken out of you -without your consent -whilst your alive, even in some cases without your knowledge?

its very scary to know that there are places in this world that commodify your internals just so that another (in most cases) wealthy westerner could live a little longer and less indulgent as a result of it and someone from a 3rd world country can feed not only themselves, their children but their whole living family tree…its like someone who’s innocently poor has to pay the price of their own life just to let another more well-off individual…just shows the power of wealth over life…

i bring this up because i just saw on the news a group of orthodox jews/rabbis being round up for their of them being organ trafficking…its not to say that only respectable notable jews in the community are doing but practically everyone from india to china, even in iraq…

‘Organ trafficking’: Rabbis arrested over massive crime ring

July 24, 2009
US agents have arrested 44 elected officials and Jewish rabbis in New Jersey in a huge anti-corruption sweep across the state.

Charges of extortion, bribery, money laundering and human organ trafficking were stunning even for a state long notorious for official corruption and organised crime.

Five rabbis were among suspects, along with the mayors of Hoboken, Secaucus and Ridgefield, the Jersey City deputy mayor and council president, two state assembly members, and numerous other politicians, prosecutors said.

Acting US Attorney for the district of New Jersey Ralph Marra told a press conference the sweep demonstrated “the pervasive nature of public corruption in this state”.

“The politicians willingly put themselves up for sale,” he said, while “clergymen cloak their extensive criminal activity behind a facade of rectitude.”

Raids began shortly after dawn on Thursday, officials said, targeting a who’s who of state leaders.

Television footage showed FBI and tax agents bringing a stream of handcuffed suspects, including rabbis wearing traditional Orthodox Jewish garb, into custody in the city of Newark. Other suspects were shown being put onto a bus.

The sweep was believed to be one of the biggest such actions ever in a state long associated with corruption, and famous as the setting of the hit Mafia television drama the “Sopranos.”

Officials said the arrests were part of an ongoing 10 year probe into statewide corruption code-named “Bid Rig.”

Democratic State Governor Jon Corzine said “the scale of corruption we’re seeing as this unfolds is simply outrageous and cannot be tolerated.”

“Any corruption is unacceptable — anywhere, anytime, by anybody,” he said in a statement.

FBI officials painted a picture of brazen criminality.

The money laundering ring allegedly stretched from New Jersey and New York to Israel and Switzerland, while politicians easily exploited loopholes in state law to disguise bribes as campaign contributions.

Although New Jersey is more famous for a history of Italian Mafia families, it was Jewish clergy who allegedly played a central role in the crime network.

Authorities raided several synagogues and among those arrested was the chief rabbi of Syrian Jews in the United States.

One rabbi, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, was charged with conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for transplant.

Marra said Rosenbaum’s “business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $US10,000 ($A12,300), which he would turn around and sell for 160,000 dollars.”

He’d allegedly been peddling kidneys for a decade.

The dramatic crackdown came as Chris Christie, a crusading former US lawyer, stepped up his campaign against Corzine in an election this November.

Christie, a Republican, previously won fame for his relentless and successful prosecution of political corruption in New Jersey.

Corzine is battling widespread dissatisfaction with his performance as the state reels from the national recession, spending cuts, and furloughs for state employees.

FBI agent Weysan Dun was quick to deny any political motivation behind the arrests, a majority of which appeared to involve Democrats, rather than Republicans.

“This investigation has transcended multiple administrations of both political parties,” he said.

This is “not about politics, certainly not about religion. It is about crime. It is about criminals who use politics and religion.”


Poverty drives Iraq organ trade

Monday, July 20, 2009
17:13 Mecca time, 14:13 GMT

Abject poverty across Iraq is fuelling an illegal trade in human organs.

Hundreds of people are believed to have sold kidneys and other organs through dealers in the capital, Baghdad, over the last year.

Karim Hussein made the long journey from Amara, a province in the south of Iraq, to Baghdad because he was desperate for the $3,000 he would get from the sale of a kidney there.

I have taken a loan to build my house,” he told Al Jazeera.”

I thought I would be able to get work in order to be able to pay my debts back, but the daily amount I am getting is not enough to feed my family, I have eight children.”

About 23 per cent of Iraqis live in poverty, meaning that they are forced to survive on $2.2 a day or less, according to government figures.

Unemployment is also high, with at least 18 per cent of the population out of work, UN and government reports suggest. Unofficial estimates have put the figure as high as 30 per cent.

The organ brokers who arrange the deals between the desperately poor and those desperate enough to pay to save the life of a loved one, typically congregate around the hospitals.

At the Al-Khayal private hospital, one of Baghdad’s leading clinics specialising in organ transplants, the dealers refused to talk to Al Jazeera.

Dealers’ profit

Although Iraqi law allows people to donate their organs, their sale is illegal.

However, one of their customers said that he had paid more than $15,000 to one of the dealers outside the hospital.

“[The kidney] cost us more than $15,000. Most of it went to dealers who take two thirds of the amount and only one third went to the donor”

Sadik Hamza

“I got a kidney for my cousin through dealers outside the hospital, Sadik Hamza said.

“It cost us more than $15,000. Most of it went to dealers who take two-thirds of the amount and only one-third went to the donor.

“The government should do something to stop them.”

Dr Walid Al-Khayal, the owner and chief surgeon of the Baghdad clinic, said that it is impossible for them to verify whether the donor and the recipient have reached a financial deal for the organ they are transplanting.

“We check the donor’s kidneys to see if they are functional and have no disease, and that he can afford to donate one of them,” he said.

“Then we send them to the health ministry for compatibility, we simply can’t tell whether they are donating them or they are selling them for certain amount of money.”

The majority of customers buying the organs are other Iraqis, but with news of the growing market spreading across the region, there have been reports of people travelling from across the Middle East to secure an organ.

Source: Al Jazeera


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