Pumpkin Patch galore

Pumpkin Patch 8

Originally uploaded by capitaldevo

when i had finished my well-needed counsellng session at the refuge, went to lakeside shopping centre for some retail therapy…everything’s practically on sale…couldn’t resist cashing in on this opportunity with baz’s clothes…

tired of shopping at best and less, big w, k mart for baz’s clothes…needed a wider selection and pumpkin patch was perfect…especially considering the limited time i had…hate leaving baz at home with mum…

was like a little kid going into a candy store because they do clothes from 00000 to 7?!!! the many beautiful ways to jazz baz up…i love dressing him coz he looks good in anything…is my little baby model…whats also great is that baz could look good with better quality clothes and nicer labels at the price i pay at cheaper places…



~ by nursheikha on July 28, 2009.

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