The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn

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just watched a doco on this guy…who invested a lot of his money into documenting a photographic memory of the entire earth in the beginning of the last century called “the archives of the planet”, using the first colour photography -autochrome plates and early cinematography whilst everyone else was still doing black and white, covering 50 countries…was such a fab idea because he captured moments in time IN COLOUR that will live forever in those frames because most of its remnants have long been gone, faded, disappeared into history -culture, tradition, mod-coms of the times, with the trashing advent of modern technology…

i found it truly fascinating because he went to places where it was totally unaccessible for the average european joe…he ws able to bring those sitting in our living rooms back what it was before in the past…, resurrect it and see it play in real life then, not the trash that you see from hollywood movied…i loved it! makes me wanna go on my journey to travel all around the world to capture more moments of it…guess i have to start with getting more dosh in my bank account first….

Watch Japan in Colour – The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn in Educational & How-To  |  View More Free Videos Online at


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  1. Hello,

    More informations about the albert-kahn museum, the banker and the autochromes collection :


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