driving lessons

would you believe i’ll be taking my L’s tomorrow?! 😛

i know…i know…i’m 30 years late, that even a 7 year old can drive one and i’m still chicken shit behind the wheel but i thought since ayman’s no longer at home, and the public transport takes forever and my avon sales leader suggested i become one as well so i could rack in more commission than the peanuts i’m getting…i thought MEH! why not!

so will be doing that tomorrow after my counselling session at the refuge…

btw, ayman had just traded in our car to a ford falcon station wagon after receiving only $3000 from the $7000 tax that was withheld this year…wonder what i’ll be getting from my tax return 😦


~ by nursheikha on August 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “driving lessons”

  1. Good luck with your drivimg lessons!

  2. Good luck with your driving lessons, remember a driving license is for life (unless you do something silly) and will open up many more doors in your life and not just your AVON opportunities. Also, dont worry about nerves, they are just normal and will go after a few lessons.

  3. Good luck with your driving lessons. No age is to late a before long you will be driving like a pro. You will even be better than the 7 yeat old lol 🙂 Walter.

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