swimsuits should be banned-cheats to world records

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i use to love staying up late at night so i could cheer on the likes of kieran perkins, susie o’neill, ian thorpe break world records for australia (back in the day), but now i feel the event’s been tainted with the more prominent, featured swimming suits…i just feel like saying -why don’t you swimmers take drugs too!!! because its not the countless months of training that’s breaking these new world records, its these super suits thats doing all the work…hell, if i wear one, maybe even i can break a world record too -like doggie paddling perhaps? not happy!!!


Swimming World Championships will be remembered for super swimsuits not records

The championships in Rome will be remembered not for the procession of history-making performances but the polyurethane swimsuits that lay behind them.

Each record has been a hammer-blow to the sport’s credibility.

The high-performance suits will be banned next after year Fina, the world governing body, announced that the sport would revert to textile-only suits from Jan 1 2010, though the records set in the Foro Italico will last a great deal longer.

Previous marks were in many cases not just broken but completely destroyed, never to be lowered again for years, if not decades, to come.

In the women’s 200m Individual Medley, American Ariana Kukors, wearing a polyurethane Jaked suit, set an astonishing world mark of 2min 6.15sec. In the old days of textile-only suits, no woman managed to swim under 2min 10sec. In Rome, seven out of the eight finalists managed it.

Fina’s technical committee will meet later this year to discuss what to do about the suit-propelled world marks, though it is unlikely they will declare them void. To take such drastic action would mean that all continental and national records in the polyurethane era would have to be deleted since it would clearly be nonsensical to have national marks exceeding world records.

The revision would also have to include the Beijing Olympics, since it was there that the Speedo LZR suit, made of 50 per cent polyurethane, started the suit wars that culminated in the technological free-for-all of Rome.

It is a mess with only one certainty: there will be precious few world records set at the next, textile-only World Championships in Shanghai in 2011. For that, many in the sport will be thankful.


By Gladstone
July 26th 2009 @ 5:57am (2 weeks ago)

The World Swimming Championships, now underway in Rome, will be slightly different this year. Any records that are set will either not be recognized or have a big fat asterisk next to them, probably with the initials APSA standing for All-Polyurethane Swimsuit Aided.

FINA, which gave the green light to the suits, has reversed the decision and banned them for future use. Some of the suits that were used to such good effect in Beijing were only partly polyurethane, but these new suits are totally poly and are very fast but impractical.

They can take up to 10 minutes to put on. They can be used only so many times before they lose their effectiveness and they cost a lot of money. The swimmer’s body doesn’t even get wet.

FINA rejected some of these suits in March after complaints they trapped air around a swimmer’s body, thus making them more buoyant, but the ban was lifted after manufacturers provided evidence that they did not trap air – remember when the Philip Morris Company provided evidence that smoking was not harmful to your health?

So let’s list various sports where equipment gives some
competitors a big edge. Rugby? Soccer? Aussie Rules? American football? Tennis? Golf? Basketball? Cricket? Baseball? Nope!

Cycling, yes. A Cervelo carbon-fiber & titanium bike costs a fortune but the same rider can time-trial or track-ride one faster than his regular bike. I’m not going to count Formular One because the driver, as skilled as he may be, only sits there. Did I miss one or two? Any other sports where money/technology buys you much better performance?

Bottom line is, swimmers will have to go back to a suit that’s accepted by everybody, like the old Speedo rather than the new Adidas Hydrofoil, so it looks like we’re going to have a level swimming pool next year.

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  1. FYI, people who wear these suits are not just nobodies. My grandmother couldn’t put one on and break a record-you still have to be good and work really hard.

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