Beastie Boys, Tupac tunes from the taxi

after doing a little bit of shopping at the galleria and being flat out and lazy thought i’d catch the taxi home instead…this was after i passed my learner’s theory test (piece of cake -now have to embrace my fear of driving for the sake of love -BAZ)…

normally when i step into a taxi i get either likes of some old aussie, croatian, italian bloke with a beer gut so big you could mistaken it for another external airbag, or it could be some indian student who forgot to shower -must because of all the exams, or some creepy muslim somali guy trying to find out if i’m marriageable…all of these guys, regardless of what age seem to always listen to AM RADIO! only if you’re over 60 are you allowed to listen to am radio!!! so would be soooo bored out of my brains…

luckily in this ride this south african? driver got with the times (iphone) and busted out old skool classics like beastie boys, tupac…i was in heaven for a few minutes, was such an enjoyable ride! makes you think just who in the current music scene would be seen as future legends/classics as the likes of tupac…


~ by nursheikha on August 6, 2009.

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