anyone seen “Harper’s Island”?

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i normally hate teen drama series like the o.c., buffy, gossip girl, dawson’s creek yada yada yada…until i came across this really late-screen show -harper’s island…

just the wicked haunting voice in the trailer was enough to draw me in…

so every week past midnight will be armed with a few just-in-case-its-too-creepy-to-watch-scene-comes-up protection pillows because there’s no one else aside from baasil in the bedroom to keep me distracted as well as a pack of caramel choc tim tams and hot choc drink to remind me that its only on tv not in reality and just enjoy being horrified, having the hairs on my body stand, nearly pissing my pants whilst i witnessed nearly all the guests being butchered…one by one…until i found out this week was the finale!!! boohoo 😦 so guttered…but it is quite a twisted thriller, like a mini-saw movie…

here’s a glimpse of it…


~ by nursheikha on August 13, 2009.

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