burkini pool ban in paris

i think france are the extreme ayatollahs of the secular world…so those super swimsuits that atheletes where during swimming tournaments were given a green light but for a muslim woman to enjoy swimming is a big no-no. what bullocks!!! -saying these materials may carry bacteria that will affect other users…well the pools are already infected by other uses because most don’t even wash themselves before entering the pool and yet they’re already swimming in a pool of urine, blood and god knows what other nasty things thats already inside the pool that the chemicals try to conceal with smell…cleanliness is part of islam and we’re already clean, sanitised as it is because you can’t even pray if you’re full of gack (and i’m not just talking about washing after going to the loo but also when you just had intercourse or were drunk for those part/time muslims)…

if france is all about freedom particularly for women so therefore they should let ALL women, even those who lead a different way of life, the freedom to live their live any how…if it accuses Islam for imprisoning/oppressing women by limiting how they should live their life then how is the french government any different? especially with this ban for the burqa? where is the left in french politics? has there been a left at all, since those on the right are anti-immigration and those on the left have never quite embraced the difference of others…

how could the world let another government get away with legitimising racism, discrimination to promote their ideals?



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Wednesday, 12 August 2009 ]

French convert to Islam slams rules of “segregation”Muslim in “burkini” banned from France pool

A swimming pool in France has refused entry to a young Muslim woman wearing a “burkini,” a swimsuit that covers most of the body, officials said Wednesday.

The pool ban came as French lawmakers conduct hearings on whether to ban the burqa after President Nicolas Sarkozy said the head-to-toe veil was “not welcome” in the secular country.

Officials in the Paris suburb of Emerainville said they let the woman swim in the pool in July wearing the “burkini,” designed for Muslim women who want to swim without revealing their bodies.

But when she returned in August they decided to apply hygiene rules and told her she could not swim if she insisted on wearing the garment, which resembles a wetsuit with built-in hood.

Pool staff “reminded her of the rules that apply in all (public) swimming pools which forbid swimming while clothed,” said Daniel Guillaume, an official with the organization which manages pools in the area.

Le Parisien newspaper said the woman identified only by her first name Carole was a French convert to Islam and that she was determined to go to the courts to challenge the decision.

“Quite simply, this is segregation,” the paper quoted her as saying. “I will fight to try to change things. And if I see that the battle is lost, I cannot rule out leaving France.”

Local mayor Alain Kelyor said “all this has nothing to do with Islam,” adding that the “burkini” was “not an Islamic swimsuit, that type of suit does not exist in the Koran,” the Muslim holy book.

France, home to Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, has set up a special panel of 32 lawmakers to consider whether a law should be enacted to bar Muslim women from wearing the full veil, known as a burqa or niqab.

~ by nursheikha on August 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “burkini pool ban in paris”

  1. Here is a bit of a reality check on the burqa question. As always, truth hurts.


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