shah rukh khan-detained due to muslim name?

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i fell in love with this guy when i first watched kuch kuch hota hai…
one of the big guns/legends in the bollywood film industry -which then began my short obsession with indian guys, which resulted in 2 ex’s of whom have made lasting impressions on me…and a great drama series to go with it if i wanted to…

was watching the news on sbs when i heard my middle-aged hunk got detained at an american airport all because of his muslim name…or was it a stunt to promote his film with similar storyline???,25197,25937960-2703,00.html

Uproar after ‘King of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan, held at US airport
August 17, 2009

NEW DELHI: “King of Bollywood” Shah Rukh Khan was briefly detained and questioned by customs officials after arriving at a US airport on Friday.

Khan, one of the most popular celebrities in India, told Indian television he had been held for two hours at Newark Liberty International Airport, in New Jersey, after his name appeared on a security alert.

As it happens, Khan is in the US to promote his new film about racial profiling, My Name is Khan.

He lashed out at US airport officials, who are frequently accused by human rights groups of profiling Muslims, claiming that he was singled out because of his last name.

The revelation caused an outcry in his homeland, where it was broadcast at the top of the television news bulletins and caused frenzied debate on various Twitter threads.

Khan, 43, told the Press Trust of India news agency that he was detained because his name came up on a computer alert list at Newark Airport.

“I told them I am a movie star,” Khan said.

It was reported that he was only released after an official at the Indian embassy in Washington was able to vouch for the Indian star.

Khan said that he did not want an apology from the US government, adding: “I think it’s a procedure that needs to be followed, but an unfortunate procedure.”

US officials confirmed yesterday that they had questioned the actor, but played down the incident as a normal inquiry for anyone requesting admission into the country. Kevin Corsaro, a spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection, said Khan’s situation had become more complicated after the airline, which he did not identify, lost the star’s luggage.

He declined to provide details of the incident, but said the inspection lasted “a little more than an hour”.

“Generally speaking, travellers applying for admission into the United States are subject to inspection,” the agency said in a statement.

“The inspection process may include a more in-depth interview and baggage examination.”

Mr Corsaro said the additional verification could happen when an individual travelling on a tourist visa attempted to enter the US to work.

In New Delhi, US ambassador to India Timothy Roemer said the embassy was trying to “ascertain the facts of the case – to understand what took place”.

“Shah Rukh Khan, the actor and global icon, is a very welcome guest in the United States,” Mr Roemer said yesterday.

“Many Americans love his films,”

Earlier this month, Fox Star Studios announced it had struck a deal to finance and distribute the Bollywood film My Name is Khan, about an Indian Muslim setting out on a journey across the US after being mistaken for a terrorist in post-9/11 America.

The film is set for release in early 2010.

There was an uproar just weeks ago when the former Indian president Abdul Kalam, also a Muslim, was frisked by personnel of US carrier Continental Airlines in New Delhi before boarding a US-bound flight.

Protocol rules at Indian airports exempt certain dignitaries from security checks. The airline later apologised.


here’s some clips of him


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