was watching this doco on sbs last night and i can’t believe how fucked up and twisted this woman is…as well as how gullible we are in terms of what we absorb from what we read and hear from the media/publishing…how technically “we’re suppose to speculate everything, hear all sorts of viewpoints”, but really we’re not…especially in the western world!

she was the author and then-best seller of “forbidden love,” that told the story of her jordanian muslim best friend who was “honour killed” for having a relationship with a christian man by her family…it was suppose to be a TRUE STORY but how can it be a true story when you’ve changed names, significant details to protect those affected, basically most of the story?…then its all a fabrication, a fiction…she said she likened herself to dan brown to tried to expose the catholic church, in her case the jordanian government who she said was too busy making themselves look good then doing anything for women and human rights but the differences are that dan brown’s novels are FICTION not a TRUE STORY of someone…

i have to admit, she is quite persuasive, but you only need to do some research as the presenter was trying to do that the lies start to appear, particularly with all the things she mentioned in her book, that was quite contradictory in real life, for example her portrayal of islam and muslim women…

if you want to heighten the awareness and condemn honour killings don’t demonize islam because its not the religion that oppresses the women, its the CULTURE, its TRIBAL…because in islam there is no honour or justification in killing, especially those of the innocent. you have no right to end another person’s life even your own because that’s God’s right. your father, your brother, your son, your grandfather, your uncle, your husband is suppose to protect you, not harm you! and its also one of the gravest sins to accuse an innocent woman of adultery or even to kill anyone. your destination is only hell, that goes the same for suicide bombers…why is it the women who get butchered, what about their sons who are suppose to carry their family names? they’re not killing in honour, only shaming their honour for what family can boast of having a bunch of murderers in their family?

in her book she said her friend’s life was dictated by her father -be it from what she ate, wore, who she married and she was a hijabi. yet in the photo, if the family was so strict, why is a great deal of hair pokeing out of her hijab? and they filmed all women on the streets of jordan and asked if any were forced or subjugated to wear the hijab, and all said no…

and it just surprised me of how even though she’s an arab christian, she should have known how her fellow muslim compatriots where like…not describe them as someone who’s never lived beside a muslim her whole life and rely on lies a typical islamophobic website would propagate against islam and muslim…and she blamed it on the editing!

and then theres the sexual abuse that began since she was 4 by her father, her violent mafia greek estranged husband and horrid family who she was on the run from, the stealing of federal bonds from her dementured neighbour…the more she tries to reveal something about herself, the more bigger overdramatic it gets that you don’t know what to believe, especially when she could not prove anything about her supposed best friend or try to salvage any ounce of integrity or credibility she has as a writer and a person…she reminded me of Brooke Henson or like the drama series “the pretender”…so what would you describe such persons?

and keep in mind, all this came out when bush tried to lie his way into invading iraq…–radio/tv-reviews/forbidden-lie/2009/08/17/1250362023537.html



~ by nursheikha on August 19, 2009.


  1. It’s true! Norma is telling the truth. She couldn’t find evidance because the justice system support the honor killing so there is no record of killing your daughter and all will help the father to successed to not pin him down in trouble! Have you people forgot that Jordan is in the middle east and it’s a man’s world? what you think they are better than the talibans? they come from the same line! I am only sorry that Norma couldn’t prove her case!
    but if I knew her I would have told her that she really had to be a detective and very clever getting her information and evidance in secret to prove her case….. no they won’t support a women prove that kind of case. it would ruin their plan in intemiding their off springs, and encourage them to be permiscuous!
    Not only Musilm do that in Jordan also christians unfortunatly do the same. even though Jesus taught them other wise. and He gave them the best examply Mariam the Magdalie. But who is listening to Jesus now a days! what happened to forgivness? what happened to human rights? I see dogs in this country treated better than some women in the Middle east Jordan and the whole region!

  2. i do not know if this story is real but the fears and strictness within my family, the control, the honor killings is very real. i am 28 years old and i have lived in fear from my brothers and father as long as i can remember, fear that they will beat me, lock me in a room or kill me. i can not be seen talking to a boy, no boy can ever touch me until i am married, i can not even leave my house alone without a family member accompanying me. family honor, image is most important. the fears are very real. my only freedom these days is a laptop i got 2 weeks ago and hiding and and making friends online.

  3. salam maha and farah,

    hope yoúr ramadan’s going well.

    i’m not denying that honour killings don’t exist -they do, everywhere and not just in muslim countries.i also understand thats its not easy to reveal the names of victims, those involved because they’re easily traceable especially in jordan. i also know just how strict and male-dominated male members are in the Arab world. my husband is a reminder of this. i do feel for you fara and am always here if you need anything.

    what infuriates me is people cashing in (in this case millions) from another person’s suffering, when really those proceeds should go to those affected by the tragedy or trying rally and condemn such tragedies, of which not a cent from this author’s profits went to those mentioned in her book…or even changed anything but only appeased many stereoypes/stigmas relating to muslim women.

    when this book was released in australia -it wasn’t marketed to combat honor killings, it was only to justify more hatred for islam and muslims.

    if she was really against honor killings, if she really did this story for her friend then why isn’t she joining forces with likes of rana husseini?

  4. where can help b obtained if affected by honou killings

  5. On reading “Honor Lost” published in 2003 by Atria Books, I’d like to say to Ms. Khoury, “Thank you for increasing my understanding of life in Jordan and of how Islam is practiced there.” Belief in the inferiority of women has benefitted men. It has been reinforced by religion. Muhammad said men are superior to women. That may have been true when women relied on men for surivial, but it’s a different age, and two newer messengers have come to men from Almighty God, and in this age, God decrees that men and women are equal. I chose never to marry because I didn’t need a boss at home as well as at work. In my study of religions I discovered Christ had returned as a Muslim, and His name is Baha’u’llah. One of the disciples of the Bab (the Prophet-forerunner of Baha’u’llah) Tahirah, the Pure One, blazed the way for equality of men and women in a way which will never be matched anywhere. Thanks to the Baha’i Faith, when one of the best young men I know married, he took his wife’s last name to indicate his respect for her and her family. It’s a new world, and the world will catch up. (P.S. Muhammad was the first and last, the alpha and omega, of the Prophets. Islam believes Christ will return, and it was true, Christ did return. His name is Baha’u’llah.)

  6. I felt sorry for Norma’s father. His daughter had written those terrible things about him and he took it in stride. Mr. Bagain should sue his daughter for defamation of character , but he probably loves Norma too much to do that.

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