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ì’m not one of those stick girls who still complains about being fat yet they weigh 45 kg and i’m like double their size (especially when it comes to being around malays young and old -as if being skin and bones is their greatest ever life achievement! thats why i don’t have have many asian friends)…but since having baasil and literally staying home most days of the week coz the weather’s horrible i’ve really ballooned that i get so puffed out just by walking 5 minutes and this is if i’m out doing the groceries! and by the time i get home, i’m so dead that i doze off to sleep…and i’m skipping meals eating once or twice a day because my sleep’s stil fucked up with baz’s feeds and late night crying sessions…its really that bad! i can’t go on like this…

lately i’ve been watching the iaaf world atheletics meet held in berlin and its really making me wish maybe one day i can even run, not sprint, like them, maybe even do a marathon…to have my body feel free, nothing wobbling or creaking (especially my knee), no back pain when i try to stand up straight…one day inshaállah…

and being ramadan starting this sunday inshaállah i normally end up losing 10kg in the one month of fasting but i always seem to gain it all back on eid…so i’m hoping that maybe this year starting with ramadan, really do want to start gaining control over my body by balancing my health with eating right, working out and not eating because i’m depressed, to give me comfort…

my problem spots are only my upper arms and my stomach because if they were a little leaner, i know i’ll look more smoking hot even when i’m 100kg heavier…my shopping would at least be less expensive and a lot easier since there’s more clothes in smaller sizes, as well as more islamic because i do opt for stretchy clothes that makes me look a little skimpy for a hijabi since it really shows off my hourglass figure…just tired of feeling tired and not having enough energy and always being puffed out…but alhamdulillah never so when it came to the bedroom…

typing this i’ve gone through 5 different infomercials of how to loose weight, which one is the best?

am trying to find one that guy leech did on seven sunrise morning show -the 5 minute total body workout but cant seem to find it because knowing me, i’d need something that quick because working out feels like a chore…or maybe its time i got my own wii consule with the fitness kit like they played on ellen…since i spend all day playing games, might as well get one that can help me lose weight as well…

here’s a workout i found on youtube that comes close to what i’m looking for…


~ by nursheikha on August 21, 2009.

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