Ramadhan Kareem 2009

just want to wish everyone a ramadan mubarak!!! the rest of my family’s already at the masjid praying their first tarawih prayers for the year…not sure how i’ll be able to do it at home with baz, can barely pray on time with the usual 5’s…

this is partly the reason why i’ve stopped avon and also seeing my counsellor at least for the next few months -because most of my sessions would be mostly about bitching about ayman -don’t want to miss out the blessings of this holy month…i also dont have anyone looking after baz either because mum and my sisters will be spending half of ramadan and syawal in malaysia so will be house sitting, everyone else is working, and when my mum does come back, it’ll only be for a few weeks before she sets off to saudi arabia to perform her hajj without dad…Allah’s sent her a special invitation to be at His house this year -lucky her…so i just spent half of my tax return in paying for the remainder of her ticket ($7500 -hajj and unrah included, one month) plus i know i have to fork out a bit more for her spending money…but i do hope she remembers me well in her prayers there because it has always been bitter-sweet, quite troublesome between us…

ayman celebrated his 34th birthday today so i just bought him a cake for him…was just between us 3- me, baz and him, nothing big…had bought it from the danish patisserie -who’d advertised being halal certified -which you don’t normally get for a non-middle eastern/non-vietnamese patisserie and i have to see, the coffee supreme torte wasn’t all that fab. could have bought it at the cheesecake shop but the meat pies were absolutely delish and fresh too! better than the ones i normally get from the halal butcher so i’m definitely ordering more from them…the pecan pie was perfect too! very healthy!!! 🙂

so for the next 29 days have to try to be on my best behaviour and not bitch about anything…think only POSITIVE thoughts!!! and hopefully it will be carried out throughout the rest of the year…

~ by nursheikha on August 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ramadhan Kareem 2009”

  1. Ramadan mubarak! May this month bring so much happiness and blessings to you and your family.

  2. nice visit to myblog

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