Antony Gormley’s Another Place -Stavanger, Norway: statued “foreigners”

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when you look around perth, paricularly the cbd, you literally get bored! building-wise, its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uninspiring. thankgoodness for its natural beauty like king’s park, cottlesloe beach! even cities in 3rd world countries look more better and exciting! its been around for over 200 years yet its got nothing to show for its timeliness. nearly everything was demolished in the ’70s. would dream to see it as bustling like singapore, japan, seoul. its a country town compared to the other cities, but this is what its got planned for so far:

(i’ll be in the raine square building when i go back to work, yay!)

so i welcome any developments -be it restoring the heritage listed (of which the perth mosque is one) as well as new ones to jazz the place up…

anyways was watching “broken columns” on the weekend, which was a doco about the effect contemporary art installations (antony gormley’s another place) had on a community, particularly that of a very beautiful historical city gem like stavanger, norway…the life-like iron statues were suppose to provoke/stimulate discussions about personal space within one’s environment from bottom up…but just as people were fascinated, even felt annoyingly surrounded, intruded, intimidated by these strategically placed figures, no one really wanted talk about the instrinsic meanings behind this work…even the politicians didn’t want to start it…maybe out of politeness because it was art perhaps?…but would it be the same if there was a tidal wave of muslim immigrants seeking refuge in the city? i’m sure there would be plenty of cages rattling…just like what this danish kid was trying to do…after all he is proudly european and doesn’t want the makeup of his beloved country be ever changed

whether it be people or statues, just anything foreign would certainly upset the landscape and minds of people before they can ever discover, even come to terms with its uniqueness…why do we generally fear anything new or different before embracing it? can this be changed? -especially in the name of peace?

so the question is how much are you willing to allow others (things, people) into your personal space? how much does this space mean to you that you are willing to go as far as to dictate how and what should contain in this? i’m always intrigued with this thought…


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