baz…nearly 5 months

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just went to see the nurse in the morning for his monthly weigh in…sounds like he’s about to get into a fight 😛

he’s currently 8.23kg, 64.5cm’s tall…gained 2kg since last month…am praying he doesn’t get any bigger and works all the fat off before he turns 1 because checking the growth maps, that is a bit over than the average weight of babies his age…

i’m also worried about his cradle cap and snoring…even though the snowing on his head isn’t that bad, still prefer him to be defect-free…the same with his snoring…i thought i could get a good night’s sleep when ayman went…its now replaced by his son…and he’s a napper too, the only time he really sleeps is after fajr with me until like around 10am on a good day…i’m a little concerned because i’ve seen how out little feral kids are with little sleep and how this also dents their future development…hmm should get it checked…

normally baz goes into a screaming frenzy the moments he detects being bare naked particularly when were seeing the nurse but nowadays he doesn’t mind at all (for at least 10 seconds), especially when he can hear other babies either cooing or crying nearby…he’s almost delighted to find out that he’s not the only one in the world that can baby talk.

he really loves getting his nappy changed. i guess its his rare chance of getting  his cute stubby feet kick freely, mostly at me since its still a little chilly for me to leave him with 2 layers of clothing at home being still winter here but i love seeing him giggling and happy. so foot fetish at 4ish months! just hope he doesn’t become an exhibitionist too!

i think its because i rarely take him out that he prefers the indoors. he hates the sun, can barely stand the sunlight and if i have to do any errands like groceries for example, have to remember bringing along a toy to distract him or do everything in under 10 minutes because he hates being straightjacketted inside the baby seat shopping trolley. the aisles nor the people don’t fascinate him or should i bring him outside more? either ways i hate it when he starts grizzley because he’s so hard to contain and i hate the attention, especially when half of perth’s muslim community/who i know is in and around that shopping complex.

if parents are encouraged to start reading early with their kids to help them with their learning, how come they quickly doze off to sleep after 5 minutes of reading the story? where’s the learning in that? thats what baz does whenever i whip out a story book. the only way to keep him awake throughout the whole reading is if that book is a musical one. he loves sounds and pop ups. he also loves the simpsons, family guy. so its good i can enjoy these sitcoms in peace. speaking of family guy, my sister reckons he’s going to grow up and become a stewie because baz is too cheeky and his tantrums are becoming more bratty. i should hope not! thats the last thing i need. his dad was one!



~ by nursheikha on August 26, 2009.

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