child support scrouge

keith’s child support

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i’m a little annoyed at the moment.

we both had received a pack from the child support agency saying my application had been approved (that online fax thing really does work) and apparently ayman reckons $243.75 per month is a little too steep for his wallet despite starting a new job tomorrow paying 4 times as much and i was the one who helped him find this job because i felt sorry for him. why! why! why!i should stop being nice to even my enermies.

what makes me peeved off even more is that he thinks the centrelink payments should be enough to look atfter baz but since when did i get married to the australian government? fine he’s out of this house but i hate that he’s even passing on his fatherly responsibility to someone else. why should he deserve to be called a father when he’s not willing to do anything for baz, or even be willing to provide, give baz the best in life.

when i completed the child support assessment i opted to receive payments via an agreement between me and ayman, but realised since when have we ever agreed on anything?! so am thinking of getting the child support agency to collect payments on my behalf to make ayman realise how serious his responsibility is as a father. am sad because he was so wanting to be a father, but when he is one, he’s doing a runner.


~ by nursheikha on August 28, 2009.

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