Hazem El Masri

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there are 2 notable aussie muslim sportsman in australia -one likes to stir up headlines the controversial way on the news (aboriginal revert anthony mundine, another mohamed ali wannabe), the other -hazem el-masri (lebanese), makes you really proud of being both aussie and muslim in this country (because there are many here who think the 2 are impossible to be, that they assume you have to be loyal to only one and not the other) -by being the best of the best in the game, top of the league…its very rare that you hear experts of any sports-related field speak and regard so highly a muslim player…was really good to see them wish hazem off (because he’s just retired from rugby) as him he’s one of their own…didn’t even never know he once played for australia in the rugby league world cup! -i think its due to me being a sandgroper!



here’s highlights from the nrl footy show


and this is his last game with the bulldogs which they won against the warriors by a huge margin -his last speech




~ by nursheikha on September 1, 2009.

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