CRAZY FOR KEK LAPIS!!! (raya/eid)

kek lapis sarawak

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i’m guttered that the singaporean cik/aunty who’s famous for her kek lapis every raya/eid here in perth will be on a break this year to get ready for hajj (bcoz she’s going with the same group as mum) because i was going to get her to make me a few for eid!!! -to treat guests as per malay custom…but can only drool over the pics online 😦 …to me without this along with tart nanas (decorated pineapple cheesy-based tarts) and kiuh suji (semolina biscuits -taste exactly like shortbread), it doesn’t feel like eid/raya

kek lapis means layered cake in malay (dutch inspired) is a thinly layered flavoured sponge cake (take nearly 2 h, of which you can enjoy endless hours peeling, especially when the conversations around the table or living room seems to get dull…the sychadelic colours and delicious flavours was what kept me preoccupied and sane because it was the same old empty conversations every year

dunno if i can order them online because i wonder if it’ll go through the australian customs because they bin anything with egg…

here’s a sample

i can’t make it anyways partly because i hate cooking/being chained to the kitchen…it takes over an hour to do anyways -around 5 minutes per layer depending on how reliable your oven is…so can you imagine having your face tanned by the oven every 5 minutes? had a go at it when i spend a few ramadan’s back in singapore with my foster mum’s daughter and she was selling them for raya/eid. the simplest normally costed around $45 and it can range over $100. will be interesting to see any aussies feature this as their wedding cake, wonder what bakery can take up on the challenge because its usually a mud cake shaped in many ways soaked in gallons of liquer…

have also got my eye on a few dresses on this website…baju kebayas…wish they had bigger sizes…people do eat!

~ by nursheikha on September 3, 2009.

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