Caution! Mimicking Baby!!!

baz just loves being able to clasp his two cute hands together and prefers sucking on these than his teething toys at the moment…i’ve noticed that he’s also starting to pick up on some of the things i do…like for example when entertaining him i normally blow my cheeks out like a trumpet and he’s just picked this up a few days back (i guess after seeing a million times you eventually do) and does this when he’s bored…he knows if he makes a short little shriek especially when i’m watching the telly that he’ll definitely get some attention…and not only is he now using his legs express how happy he is having them out of the jumpsuit especially when i’m changing the nappy, he’s also starting to stomp then when he’s frustrated grumpy…doesn’t take long for him to utilise his sensing parts does he…i normally use to talk louder than him whenever he cried…now he knows how to scream loud to get attention so i do the reverse so he quietens down 😛 works 🙂

all this has made me step back a bit and rethink the next time i do something -because he’ll definitely be waiting to duplicate it

he knows how to keep his head up but still doesn’t know how to roll on his side yet whenever he gets tired of this which kids his age would normally have done…c’mon baz! but he has been cutting down on his milk intake lately, maybe because of his teething -which is good, because i don’t want him having weight issues as i did when he grows up…learnt from a young age how cruel kids, people can be…and i still have a mum who’s always nagging about my weight yet she’s big too!


~ by nursheikha on September 4, 2009.

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