yay! home alone for eid!!!

its been 10 years since i last saw this skyline (kuala lumpur)

dad’s just confirmed his ticket so that means will have the whole entire house all to myself and baz and brother amir for 2 weeks/eid at least one week before ramadan fininshes…can’t wait to refurnish the house…i hate the living room decor! ikea here we come!!!

my 2 sisters are going with them and then will be heading off to hong kong, my other brother to japan…wish i could hop onto a plane too but go to the other side of the world like europe -especially spain but too worried about baz travelling, especially with people still being infected and dying from the swine flu and the weather’s not too flash lately…want to make sure he gets fully immunised at least for the first year so that he’s body’s topped up with enough immunity as he can possibly get…but i am yearning to see the world…its the only 2 things i seriously dream about apart from going back to uni and finishing off my degree…i always imagine myself getting packed going somewhere and flying…i wish ya Allah

i bet ya dad will be trying to find suitors for all 3 of the sisters so i’m sure will be an interesting holiday for all of them…its also been ages since dad ever had a holiday together with mum because they’ve always gone seperately…will not be surprised if my money-hungry cousins (on my dad’s side) will be shaving off as much money from him and yet he hardly gives his own kids even wife any…i really hate how my dad allows other people to use him yet if we ask him to help us out he bickers and rants and doesn’t shut up and yet we’re the ones helping him out with the bills not any of those leeches…they are partly why i haven’t gone back to malaysia…

~ by nursheikha on September 4, 2009.

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