or even see this on one of your bus stand billboards?…

i watched this segment on oprah last friday: “What Would You Do?” with John Quinones, where he sets out ethical hypothical situations on the general public to see how people would react under certain situations like bullying, discrimination, violence, if you saw someone cheating, if you would allow a drunk behind the wheel…


the muslim and abuse in the park were what i was familiar accustomed to, because for the racism part -thats the warm welcome i would normally get by people on the street or anywhere i go because of my hijab visibility alone and for the abuse in the park -my family would be one of those who would either blame me or even tell me i deserve to be degraded by my husband or tell me to take it elsewhere…what a fabulous way to express love!

there was one time me and my then best-friend farouk rocked up at our usual turkish/iraqi fremantle  kebab hangout during our uni days for a munch…it was just us…outside i could see this aussie guy walking back and forths talking shit to the kid behind the counter…when this guy finally stepped into the shop this kid comes out with a knife…would have been at least 16/17…and we both watched in silence this kid trying to stab this aussie guy and they were strangely enough trying to kill each other in silence…farouk wanted me to go before we too get sliced whilst the owner tried to hold this boy back and another aussie guy trying to hold his mate…and all i could do was sit at my table and watch…the kid did manage to slice the guy’s earlobe and the floor was covered with splatters of blood but that was one of the rare few times in my life where i didn’t do anything to stop a situation from esculating -even forget to run for my life part of me was so shocked to see it all unravelling before my eyes and in with hardly any sound like a black and white film…was so surreal! i did eventually managed to get out of the shop in one piece and we just ran for to the freo train station before there was another race riot…wished i’d made that call to the police…

as for other situations i definitely can’t stand seeing others being ridiculed because i know what its like to be bombarded with it every day by those closest to you…that alone is enough for me to make sure others are not hurt by it…

i would most certainly tell my friend if i saw their partner cheating with someone else because they deserve the truth…i’ve had so-called best friends hide things for me which made me which hurt me even more and made me question their loyalty, honesty, friendship…because if they were really my mates they’d never let me live another a day like another fool whilst knowing my partner is fooling around behind my back…that they didn’t love, care for me enough to help me get rid of this guy thats screwing my mind, fucking my life…its unforgiveable…

i also wouldn’t allow a drunk behind the wheel, even more when there are kids accompanying them, because i would be as guilty of allowing someone else endanger, end other people’s life, break families, communities, as the drunk driving the vehicle…i can’t stand people getting drunk anyways…some people might do the craziest, funniest things when they are drunk but they can also do the most fatal regretable as well…i wouldn’t know how i would sleep at night if i had let it happen and people did die get hurt…



What Would You Do? with John Quinones – Show Recap
By Elizabeth Borer, About.com

Original Air Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Would You Do? Primetime Series:
Oprah was intrigued by the Primetime series, “What Would You Do” and had host John Quinones on to share clips and ask viewers the question, “What would you do when you think no one is looking?” The topics covered in the series included abuse, crime, racism, discrimination, accidents, cheating, and more. John commented that many people filmed with undercover cameras made excuses, not always putting themselves in the position of the victim. Oprah posed the question to the audience and viewers, but wasn’t looking for the PC answer, but to think what you would really do in the same situation.

Teenage Girls Ridiculing Another Girl in the Park:
The first clip shown was an experiment where 3 girls were ganging up on another girl at the park. The purpose of the experiment was to see if people would help the girl and get the other 3 to leave her alone. The footage found that men would just walk by and let it happen, but that women stepped up to stop it.

2 of the women who stopped, Lisa and Maggie, were on the Oprah Show to talk about their experience. Maggie first walked by and took her kids to a safer place and returned to help, while Lisa said that she would do it again. It seemed the social aggression hit a nerve with women to react.

A Muslim Woman Refused Service in a Bakery:
The set up for this experiment found a Muslim woman with a head scarf ordering from a bakery and being refused service by the employee. Many other customers looked but didn’t say anything while some other sided with the employee making discriminatory remarks. One man who was a father of a soldier who served in Iraq did stand up for the woman. The 2 customers who stood out the most were Jasmeen and Allison who were guests on the show who asked to speak to the manager and didn’t walk off in anger. Jasmeen felt strongly to stand up for a fellow Muslim who is American like anyone else.

Allison commented that they couldn’t believe that people were letting it happen, making them feel like they were crazy not being supported. Through the 5 hours of the experiment, 6 people sided with the employee, 13 sided with the victim, and 22 decided to say nothing.

Witnessing Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend Cheating:
This experiment had an unsuspecting girl waiting to meet her best friend at a restaurant and seeing her friend’s boyfriend at a table with another woman. The test was to see if the woman would tell her friend what she had seen or keep it to herself. The clip showed Kiley with her best friend Mary Ellen; Kiley decided to tell her friend as soon as she sat down after first calling her mother to get advice on what to do. The pair are still friends feeling relieved not having to move forward if it were actually real. It was interesting to see Kiley’s anguish as if it were happening to her.

Verbal and Physical Abuse in the Park:
The set up of this experiment found a couple arguing in the park with the man getting more verbally aggressive and starting to get physical. Many people would stop and stare and even shout out from across the park, but only 1 woman had the courage to stop and do something.

Tammy appeared on the show saying she felt it was what she had to do – she decided to stay with the woman until help came, and even told the man that she wasn’t afraid of him. Karen, the actress, said after 5 hours it was hard to separate herself from the situation and was moved my Tammy’s actions.

Karen expressed that the comments from some of the people in the park making calls were to “take it somewhere else” as if it were ok to do not in public or “these people” since the couple was black. John shared that the comments were different depending on the race of the couple in the experiment, as if it were acceptable for a black man to abuse his partner. It shows a lot about Tammy’s character that 58 people passed by and she was the only person to do something.

A Drunken Man/Woman Getting Into a Car:
This experiment had 2 different actors – the first a man trying to get into his car while drunk in the afternoon, and a woman with 2 young girls trying to do the same. In both situations, people insisted the man/woman not drive and even showed strangers teaming up to make sure they did not get into the car. In the case of the woman with children, one man went as far as taking her keys away and when interviewed by John, he said that under no circumstance would he have given them back to her.

Audience Experiment at Harpo:
Oprah decided to do an experiment of her own and see if audience members would say anything if they saw someone sit down in a reserved seat and take away the sign. There were many looks and whispers but no one said anything, leaving the responsibility to Oprah’s staff to take care of the people who sat in the reserved seat. Oprah shared that the experiment wasn’t a high pressure situation, but the basic principle that it is risky to intervene and take personal responsibility was the same.

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