the ‘mysterious’ Bunga Bakawali-Epiphyllum oxypetalum-Queen of the Night

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was watching i think a segment about malaysian herbs/plants on rtm 1 today because they featured this flower -in malay, ‘bunga bakawali”. have actually one at home but with pinkish flowers. to me its just a flower that blooms nocturnally, and gives off the most beautiful strong scent when you walk past it (happens to be near my front door. can even smell it through my bedroom window çoz its just next door) but to my mum, typical malay, thinks there’s more than whats meets the eye…like for example (and this was even mentioned in the show, confirmed by a shiekh?) that there’s a special good jin that guards it, just like they use frangipani trees in graveyards because there’s another sort of jin guarding it as well…in the segment it said if you tied the flower whilst in its closed state burn some incense, you can actually hear the flower weepin, begging it to be free for it to bloom -how kinky!…i’m like its ramadan…why do the malays always mix their islamic beliefs with hindu/buddhist traditions/beliefs…i mean i don’t deny that there are jins -they’re everywhere. but why put so much emphasis on the supernatural so much that you forget they’re also part of Allah’s creations and that you should be more focused on Him. the same goes for the outlawed stupid sufi group dad follows in malaysia that i hope gets rounded up by the malaysian police again because its still up and running, this time lead by my stupid uncle.

they claim to have special ghair/hidden knowledge that only their leader and the prophet Muhammad s.a.w knows with how to call onto Allah and come to know the seccrets of this world, all because the original sheikh back in indonesia happen have water trinkling from his hands. being in a tropical asian country -are they sure its not just the extreme humidity and that he just happen to have really big sweat glands? a lot of malays/indons even egyptians always make a big deal of these wali’s/sheikh’s because of the special things they were able to do, even build makams within masjids to pay respects to them, yet did it ever occur to these people that they weren’t able to do such things other than endless devotion, worship to Allah? that they are committing the biggest crime/sin in islam by magnifying these people the same even more than Allah? that if they happen to open their eyes, hearts, minds, read the Quraan, reflect, contemplate on Allah’s creations all around them that they are surrounded by miracles! even within them! for them to be able to wake up another day breathe?

here’s the hindu legend to it:

this is an old malay p. ramlee movie based on it…and yet it originated from mexico?!

~ by nursheikha on September 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “the ‘mysterious’ Bunga Bakawali-Epiphyllum oxypetalum-Queen of the Night”

  1. saya sedang mencari bunga bakawali.. kalau ada sesape tau dimana boleh dapatkan, info saya terima kasih 🙂

  2. Keluarga saya memiliki dan menanam bunga ini, di sarawak bunga ini digelar bunga raja…………, pernah beberapa org coba menanam bunga ini, tapi tak berjaya, ada yg mengambil kuntumnya, tapi dihantar balik, kerna diganggu.

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