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yes, this guy does happen to be an australian catholic priest as well… a quite well-known, unique one too…who i first spotted on sbs in john safran vs god and speaking tongues documentaries a few years back…

even though the episodes poked fun at some of the popular beliefs/faiths around, it did make me broaden/look at other ways of life/mindsets in a different way then i normally would

here’s a sample of the show where unfortunately the mormons were a target…

and you would expect this father bob to be typically old-school, conversative by the way he looks but is actually such a larrikan, so open-minded, accepting of other religions…so i am sad that the catholic church has to lose this guy…he made interfaith dialogues so interesting and invigorating…

Church asks Fr Bob Maguire to retire
Jeff Turnbull
September 7, 2009 – 12:59PM
The Catholic Church appears to have left the door ajar for Father Bob Maguire, a tireless advocate for the homeless, to continue working in his inner city Melbourne parish past the retirement age of 75.

The church has asked Fr Bob to offer to retire when he turns 75 on September 14, but says it is then up to Archbishop Dennis Hart to decide whether to accept it or not.

In a statement released on Monday afternoon, Archbishop Hart said that under the Code of Canon law when a parish priest reaches 75, he is required to offer his resignation.

The Bishop, after considering all of the circumstances of the priest and the parish, can decide whether to accept or defer the resignation.

Archbishop Hart said that he had written to Fr Bob, one of Australia`s best-loved and most-respected priests, to advise him of his responsibilities under Canon Law and of the support available to retired priests of the Archdiocese.

“Father Maguire has for many years provided exemplary service to the Archdiocese of Melbourne and in particular to the people of South Melbourne,” the Archbishop said.

“I am deeply grateful to him for his exceptional pastoral work over many years.”

Support for Fr Bob has exploded on the internet social pages, demanding that he be allowed to stay on and continue his work with the homeless.

The priest, who’s been running the South Melbourne parish for 36 years, says he will fight to stay on.

Fr Bob, who received an Order of Australia in 1988 for his services to the homeless, told his 200-strong congregation on Sunday that he may be forced out of the parish.

“I heard five months ago of some blokes who had hit 75 and received their `pink slip’ and I felt sorry for them because they were still active,” Fr Bob told AAP.

“If you were a parish priest and people want you as their spiritual representative then that’s an unwritten contract and these blokes were that sort of people.

“I will be telling (the church) I’m not of a mind to resign.”

Before he was appointed to South Melbourne, Fr Bob spent four years counselling young conscripts before they were sent to Vietnam between 1969 and 1973.

He received a Reserve Forces Decoration (RFD) for his work.

Youth worker Les Twentyman, who has known Fr Bob for 30 years, says he is shattered the church could ask the priest to resign.

“I can’t be believe that someone as alive and spiritual – he’s as sharp as a tack – could be retired off,” Mr Twentyman said.

“He was the first one to recognise we had street kids in St Kilda 35 years ago – I’m just staggered by this.”

Saints Peter and Paul parishioner Tony Long says the congregation hopes to convince the archbishop that Fr Bob should be allowed to continue.

“We are hoping that the support Father Bob is getting from within and without the parish will be influential on the archbishop,” Mr Long said.

“We are very, very happy for him to continue as our parish priest.”

In his earlier days, Fr Bob hosted his own show on Melbourne radio station 3AW.

He had a guest role on the SBS television program John Safran vs God. And from November 2005 to January 2006, he joined Safran as co-host of Speaking in Tongues, also on SBS television.


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