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what is it with this man…what the hell did bush ever do for blair for blair to be forever indebted, helplessly devoted, basically be like a poor bitch to america (well the right wing conservative side at least), even after office? its like he’s hailing “we are not worthy of you america” …as if britain isn’t able to defend, think, be themselves, have absolutely lost their identity and if he stayed longer in power, would give its soveriegnty away too…if britain was seriously under attack, would every american feel like they have to rush to aid the poor damsel in distress britain? doubt it! most would probably wonder where england is on the map, just like a few thought australia was iraq and this was after the invasion of iraq…

just because you have a few good mates in the top power seat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own country’s security, credentials to help a mate out despite the rest of your country disapproving such move…it wasn’t bush that had put you in the pm office, it was your country folk…so i feel like not only had he lied, betrayed britain when he was prime minister, he’s still doing it after…

just as he sat down with letterman listing the many special, wonderful things about america…when it got to the war of terror, made me realise what another dumbass he is just like his mate bush, in describing how to combat and rid terrorism, which is basically simply military…

if military was the only best solution, terrorism would be non-existent by now…and there’d be peace in the middle east…and everyone would be giving free hugs and love to each other…blah blah blah…what bullocks! its just saying like their remedy, diagnosis of terrorism is like when you have a very difficult kid thrashing the entire house and you the parent only punish such behaviour only because he’s thrashing the house but failed to see or even find the cause of such behaviour, for instance the kid might need attention because he feels so invisible and let out or that he might be sleep deprived and thats whats making awol along with the preservatives in the food…its him and anyone who’s right wing and ultra conservative are the ones fanning such spread of terrorism…they are the threats to world peace due to their lack of understanding and they are the ones creating the terrorists…

~ by nursheikha on September 12, 2009.

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