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in australia, you can get away for egging your prime minister for being an arrogant, bigotted, idiotic prick but this guy got jailed for throwing a shoe at a pathetic, boofhead murderer…bush was lucky he only got a shoe and not an eye-for-an-eye for what he had committed…

as hilarious and heroic it may be, it is sad to see how low/subservient the arab/muslim world has become to resort to something as juvenile, trivial to take a stand and speak out against injustice, when by islam we have an obligation to do so as Allah loves the just…is our iman/faith so weak that we paralyse and cripple when it comes to denouncing such wrong and criminality in this world? don’t just blame bush, all our leaders for the chaos thats surrounding us, blame ourselves for not having the courage to take that crutial step to stop a wrong…


Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush to be freed
By HAMZA HENDAWI (AP) – 8 hours ago

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush in a stunning act of protest is to be released from prison Tuesday and will fly to Greece a day later for medical checkups and because he has concerns for his safety, his brother said.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi was to have been freed Monday, but the release was held up because of delays processing paperwork. On Tuesday morning, one of his lawyers, Karim al-Shujairi, said a judge has signed all the necessary papers, clearing the way for his release after nine months.

Al-Zeidi’s relatives gathered at the family’s apartment in a rundown two-story building in central Baghdad where they have been preparing for days to welcome him, hanging balloons and posters of the reporter.

The little-known reporter for a small Iraqi TV station gained instant hero status in the Arab world last December when he hurled his shoes at Bush as he stood next to Iraq’s prime minister at a Baghdad news conference.

“This is your farewell kiss, you dog!” he shouted at Bush in Arabic as he hurled the shoes. “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq,” he continued.

For days, the scene was played endlessly on regional and international TV channels.

Al-Zeidi’s words stirred millions across the Arab world who have been captivated and angered by images of destruction and grieving since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

At the family’s home, his brother Uday said al-Zeidi would travel to Athens for medical checkups and because he was worried about his safety in Iraq.

“He fears for his life,” Uday said.

On Tuesday morning, a crowd of about 50 journalists and TV crews gathered outside the family’s home in a commercial district of the capital. Several children from the family carried posters of al-Zeidi that said: “Release the man who restored national unity.”

There were also about a dozen sheep and a butcher standing by to slaughter some of them upon al-Zeidi’s return in a traditional practice on celebratory occasions.

The reporter’s brother Uday told reporters that al-Zeidi was collecting his personal belongings and will shortly be on his way home.

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