was shopping for last minute eid groceries and tidbits at woolworths with ayman and baz on the eve of eid…still being technically his wife -still deserved something for eid…and as i was lining up ready to be checked out, this lady approached me from behind and lo! and behold it was my ex-best friend’s mum!…

hadn’t seen her for 4 years…the last time was at her daughter’s surprise birthday party…

she was so happy to see me, even said she’d missed me…and for a moment it was as if nothing had changed between us…not even sure if safia even mentioned what happened between us but always remembered her mum to be so warm and loving and accepting…what surprised me was even after 4 years, she still was the same person to me…but too bad about her daughter…

she was so surprised to see baz too in his little winnie the pooh stroller, being tranced by the lights and countless people around him…thats when she told me that safia had just gotten married, only 4 months ago and is now living near murdoch uni…wonder who’s the unlucky guy…

i’m sure she’ll get news of our meeting…but was nice to know that some people don’t change…that they are forever nice…

~ by nursheikha on September 29, 2009.

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