raya clothes makes me depressed

i don’t mind celebrating eid but its just the wearing bit that i hate…particularly when it comes to wearing malay clothes…because it reminds me how bigger i’m getting…

i last weighed 129kg and that was a week ago…just the fact that there are 3 digits instead of 2 and over 70kg makes me feel so depressed…so this eid, i trashed the baju kurung -the style’s nothing new then it was 10 years ago anyways…and went for a black abaya -for the slimming effect with a very blingy red hijab…baz had also worn a tux so paired up beautifully…

the weights becoming more of an issue because am having such bad back pains…can’t stand up straight or walk that far without being severely puffed out and i’m thinking how much bigger am i going to become? so started to work out with wii sports and wii active…


~ by nursheikha on September 29, 2009.

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