he confesses it was a mistake for hitting me

Domestic Violence

Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven

when my folks were in malaysia and i was house-sitting ayman would occasionally drop by to see if baz and i were ok…i guess its been ages since we ever sat in the living room as a family as we watched baz play with his mobile gym whilst also watching the telly…

baz was having a non-stop whinge session at that time which reminded ayman of the time he was so nasty with his aunty, calling her every obscene word in the arabic dictionary for not getting him what he needed whilst his mum was givinig birth to his sis…he regretted that moment because he knew he was out of line, which prompted him to also admit he felt bad ever laying a finger on me…

he did sound quite remorseful but i guess i made the moment a little sour when i still stood my ground and never sorry for ripping a page of a porno page he was gawking at…

why should i allow anyone disrespect me as well as do zina with his eyes…i should be the one lashing him!


~ by nursheikha on October 1, 2009.

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