just discovered stephen wiltshire


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was watching amazing medical stories on channel 9 -nothing else was on apart from the chronicles of narnia (yawn!!!) when they featured this guy -stephen wiltshire, who’s autistic but so extraordinarily gifted subhanallah!


i know he’s probably old news to everyone else on the other side of the planet but he certainly boosted my spirits up after feeling a little depressed today. baz had his 6 months injections and weigh in and it just dawned on me that my bub is also overweight too! just felt like a bad parent. i can take being overweight, but not my son as well! he should be 2kg lighter and not the size of a 18 month old! so spent most of the day shopping for workout attire even replacement meal schemes to kickstart my losing weight challenge.

i do have a fascination and admiration for those people who society would class as disable because i see the positive differences they make in people’s lives…that we all have disabilities but its not so obvious…so being an appreciator of art was so amazed how gifted stephen was, to capture life with so much vitality…maybe i should too



~ by nursheikha on October 1, 2009.

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