support native/local journalists-in memory of sultan munadi

i wanted to bring this up during ramadan but was too busy but just wanted to highlight the importance of native jounalists covering news from hotspots western media pay/relay, usually from neighbouring borders…the commitment, risks, danger, life they sacrifice, lay on the lines just to report news as it is and from many perspectives that is somewhat non-existent from their western counterparts…

i was so shocked and disgusted when i heard the british troops could bother to rescue their british journalist but not his afghan colleague (sultan munadi)…so the free press should only be available to the western world and not anywhere else? so why are they in countries like afghanistan, to help these countries have democracy when they desert the very people within these countries that make up parts of democracy? such double-standards…

the deceased left the world with these words…

its not enough to sit comfortably in front of the tv and feed in whatever is said in our commercial tv stations tell you (which is most of the time owned by one person) and accept just one, predictable perspective…we should be wanting to know and be informed of all sides of the same story…


~ by nursheikha on October 5, 2009.

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