the secret millionaire-help for the mentally ill, homeless, alchoholics


Originally uploaded by Hermes Singson

was watching bits and pieces of australia’s version of the secret millionaire after watching the uk version on the lifestyle channel…was cool to watch these successful british individuals touch the lives of others, especially when it came to reveal time but when it came to the aussie version -felt so surreal that all these problems could be happening in your own backyard or next door…

can remember one of the carers saying that people easily support charities that give you warm fuzzies inside like those for disabled kids, breast cancer…but its not easy for people to give money to alcoholic, homeless, schizophrenic, male junkies -mainly because we can easily blame them for allowing themselves to get into their tragic situations, but are not prepared to help them get out of it so that the world can be a healthier, better, safer place…

i know i’m prepared to help



~ by nursheikha on October 11, 2009.

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