turkish gigalo’s on man hunters

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was watching this show because there was nothing else to watch on a late friday night…

it featured places where a lot of british middle-aged women go to to get their jiggy’s and escape from their dullsville life back in the u.k…one of them being turkey…

when you think of sex tourism/traffickers -you’d always think of it as a male dominated industry but this was certainly a surprising twist…just wondering why they didn’t feature egypt -sharm el sheikh/hurghada as well since how many young blokes i’ve seen in just cairo alone in the arms of their grandma girlfriend/fling/wife…particularly those who are of european/american descent….-LOST COUNT! even knew a few and that was at the time i knew ayman…you just know these guys are golddiggers/visa-hunters…

made me wonder about that other guy…maybe he was one as well…

anyways, i felt so ashamed to see all these turkish guys be gigalos to these grandmas and then go home to their turkish wives and kids and pretend nothing happened…would not be surprised if there was a hiv/clamydia/aids outbreak since god knows how many women these guys have every night…urghhhhhhh!!! feel so disgusted…

but i know not all turkish guys are like this…my best friend before i got married wasn’t…or maybe he was rich that he didn’t need to prostitute himself…


~ by nursheikha on October 11, 2009.

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