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am trying to find this bit where stewie sings ‘accustomed to her face’ (episode fg210 running mates) bcoz he misses his mum (who’s currently running to be president on the school education board)…the way he sung it was so cute seeing that he’s usually plotting to kill his mummy…

hope baz always remembers me like stewie…

// Brian and Stewie in the conservatory.

Stewie: Oh my. look where my hand is.. I say look where my hand is. It’s in a very naughty place [finger in nose].. Does this not disgust you?

Brian: Kid you’re talking to a guy who uses his tongue for toliet paper.

Stewie: Now look her you loathsome cur. The matron oppressor has left me in your ward. You should be striving to thwart my loathsome misdeeds.

Stewie: Look at me. I written a naughty word on the wall (poppycock)

Brian: Water soluable.

Stewie: Don’t just sit there. i have misbahaved. I’ve been a bawdy little monkey.

Stewie: If that vile woman were here she’d prove a worthy adversary.

Brain: What’s the matter? Miss your mommy?

Stewie: oh yes that’s it. That’s quite good. Yes i miss my moomy. I also miss colic and rectal thermometry.

Brian: Whatever you say… mama’s boy.

Stewie: Blast!

then later…

// In Stewie’s bedroom.

[Brian’s reading Stewie a story]

Stewie: No. no. no. When you read faust you’re suppossed to read Metastopholes in a scary this.

Brian: Oh is that how your mommy reads it.

Stewie: I do not miss that foul ogress. She can burn in hell for all I care.

Brain: Sure she can.

[Brian walks out of the room and Stewie launches into song…]

Stewie: Damn, damn, damn, damn. I’ve grown accustom to her face

Stewie: She Always makes the day begin. I’ve grown accustom to the tune that she whistles night and noon

Stewie: Her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her downs are second nature to me now like breathing out, and breathing in

Stewie: I’m very grateful that she’s a woman, and so easy to forget,

rather like a habit one can always break

Stewie: And yet I’ve grown accustomed to her look, accustomed to her voice, accustomed to her face.

Stewie: “Sigh”

Audience: (“Arrr”)


could only find this…


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