spank your kids-get arrested!

one of the hot topics on today’s morning shows and news is of a mum being warned she’ll be arrested the next time she ever hits her daughter with a wooden spoon. apparently the daughter dobbed her in to a teacher which then contacted the police.

some of the feedbacks one of the shows got from parents was -the next time their kids next disciplining, they should take them to the police station for fear of being arrested if they lift a finger…

personally -the furthest i believe i would go is a smack after trying to pysche them mentally. i’m hoping i don’t ever use an object like the way my parents did to me, because even till today i still resent them, especially my mum for doing so.

the last time i was wacked was by my dad with an iron-mounded dining chair for refusing to aceept his same-age friend’s marriage proposal. and that was the first time i fought back. it definitely shook my dad internally.

in some ways i wished i had dobbed my parents to the police. the furthest i got was counselling. was not fair that i got singled out and blamed for everyone else’s mistakes and the burdens they placed on me.

until now, the way i have parented baz is certainly different to the way they brought me up much to their opposition. especially with reading books, feeding, clothes, entertaining him. i hope i don’t ever end up my parents.


~ by nursheikha on October 15, 2009.

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