current sri lankan asylum seekers problem

since pm kevin rudd came into power boat loads of asylum seekers/refugees have been trying get to australia…even go as far as setting alight their boats so as to not be sent back to their conflict-ridden homelands or to the places where their first stop to refuge but were treated as mere animals like malaysia and singapore…maybe because the previous pm and then media attitude labelled them as criminals…engaging in illegal activity -to just get away from the shit which is usually caused by the greed of western, developed countries anyways…

check out it out here:

last week a boat of sri lankans were intercepted by the indonesian navy as per request by the australian government from entering australian shores…

this was one of the passenger’s plea:

i don’t have a problem of australia accepting genuine asylum seekers/refugees from anywhere especially when australia’s big enough to accept anyone -if malta can accept them why can’t we? ( …i believe everyone has the right to live anywhere they like, start a new life, make their dreams come true, be a great contribution to society…

but i think if they were to accept any more, not just lock them up on my beloved birth land christmas island which is now labelled as a joke (prison in paradise) or in the middle of the desert and have then all end up having mental disorders -the government definitely needs to have the infrastructure to do so because i think we’re still quite behind…for example housing!

i feel like there’s more homes for these refugees then there are for australian citizens here because its going to take me another 7 years if i were to wait for homeswest to give me a home as the rate to rent even a studio apartment is too expensive here…there’s just not enough homes for everybody or for some to even think of buying one…

what i also don’t accept are those ring of individuals that get paid to give hope and traffic these desperate souls illegally to australia…why is it in these countries, even egypt that they accept the whole notion of paying people to give them a job, a contract, a visa to countries where they can make more money and live better? when if a certain company wants you -they would pay for EVERYTHING just have you work for them? thats what i told ayman when he tried to get a contract to work in the emirates as well as canada. things are that desperate.

but then there’s the racist portion of australia that say australia’s full and think it should remain anglo-cized regardless of where you come from…that if you do happen to end up here -you have to integrate -which is more like disown your own culture, way of life, mother tongue, faith and be white -but still will be discriminated because you forgot to do the last step -undergo plastic surgery to change yourself to be caucasian…

in a way i do feel like a refugee in the very country i was born because even though i make up of what is multicultural about this country and i do call this as my own, but my other fellow people don’t consider me as australian all because i’m different…just like they haven’t yet grasp the first inhabitants of this country -the aboriginals…

i guess australia has yet to figure out its own identity…and its certainly resisting the asian, african, muslim, aboriginal aspect of it…

but personally, a lot of people who i had grown up with, interacted gone to school, work with were refugees, displaced and all i can say is they have broaden my horizons of how i see the world…they do make you appreciate and value life…and they bring also the world that they left behind and make it as part of their new homeland so much that you didn’t really need to go to poland, serbia, kazakhstan, sudan, argentina to see the places and people because you see individuals living it here, even in the classrooms…and they do transform the very country that they’ve settled in with a newer updated identity…×3.html


~ by nursheikha on October 20, 2009.

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