annoying nosey makciks!!! (aunties)

there’s this divorced malay aunty who’s friend’s of mum who’s driving me up the walls…and mum’s just making it worse…

i accidently opened up the kitchen pantry just a few minutes ago because mum was brewing up the malay verson of saki but in a pudding-like form called tapai…there was a big sign that said to don’t open until friday but because i was looking for something to store my coffee sugar granules just delivered by the nearly-bustered coles delivery truck, i totally missed it…so i cracked up laughing because i think i ruined the brew but mum was on the phone telling me to hush in a nasty way…i was like hmmm ok…only to find out she was updating this nosey makcik about my marriage and another of their acquaintances -cik azizah who they’re always in competition with with everything -clothes, jewellery, interior decor kids…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate it…so knowing it was cik nor again i said out loud “stop talking about other people!!!” …i know, i’m doing the same thing but at least i’m not envying anyone like these malay women…

sometimes i wish i wasn’t malay!

on saturday mum threw a kunduri-farewell thingy lunch gathering where she rounded up her nearest mates to wish her well before she goes to hajj…anyways, this aunty nur was there and it was her first time to see baz as we’d always bump into each at the shops…and as she was holdng baz, ayman was to leave to go home as he just came for a short visit and as she was holding baz she said , ohhh he’s just as handsome as his dad…and this was while ayman was going out of the door…

should i be ok about nosey divorced, single aunties perving on ayman, despite the fact that we’re seperated?!?

its not the first time she’s done that…when mum comes over she’ll make mum come home and ask if ayman’s drop by to get him to pick up mum and she’d always give mum something (foodwise) to give for us…she’ll also drop all these awkward questions like “i hear you met your husband online”…and i felt like telling her “well i heard you met your husband in a bar in your early gambling hooker days…and oh your kids…are they bringing brought up as muslim by their athiest dad?…does your daughter where a hijab”‘…-if i was bitchy as her that is!!!

i’ve warn mum after she had finished talking with nur about why she has to blab to the whole australia about my situation with ayman…told her its none of their business…all she (mum) could say was -they asked, and i told her “then I!!!! should be the one telling them how it is, IF I WANT TO!”…she still hasn’t learnt about the many times her other friends have bitched and mocked her whenever she blabbed them about the troubles at home…-like they would have the heart to help!!! and i warned her that if i hear or if this aunty nur aks me about anything personal -i will get blunt and direct so much that i don’t care if she accuses me to be out of line -kurang ajar for someone junior then her…

i know…there’s other ways of telling her to back off but i’m just fuming right now so blurting whatever’s on my mind at the moment…

i just hate other people talking about my problems when they’re hardly supporting me through it (this is the mum that said i deserved to be hit when trying to stop me and ayman arguing all because i was standing up for my right and she thought it was wrong for me to tell him to leave when he was starting to get physical with me)…what a supermum!!! yeahhhhh-not!!!

she’s going to hajj in 2 weeks time and as i want her to forgive me for the hurt i’ve caused her, i hope Allah will make her see the wrong she’s done to me…how un-motherly she’s been to me…


~ by nursheikha on October 21, 2009.

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