what to do with paedophilia/child abuse? ferguson pics

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just watched a segment on seven sunrise discussing the photo of a convicted paedophile dennis ferguson featured on the sydney morning herald today sitting on a beach, semi-naked, surrounded by kids…just gives me the chills, makes feel so utterly sick, disgusted to be reminded that such evil, pathetic, worthless individuals can be allowed to exist…

if i was the mother/aunt of any of the kids on that beach with this sex shark in-sight -i would be very concerned, even freaking out, probably gear myself ready for war to defend baz because not only was this paedophile just nearby, he’s also now got sentimental, kinky reminders of these kids that he could fantasize and jerk off to later in bed and god knows what will be next -stalk/hound/rape them later?…

whats even more sickening is that he could have an ‘advocate’ defending him, saying that he’s human…was that before he raped those kids, robbing them of their childhood, innocence, of knowing any true sense of decency for the rest of their lives?

thats when i think such heavy punishments/measures should be introduced…not just castration…as currently debated in france with a trial of a paedophile with multiple convictions -francis evrard…i think they deserve the death penalty because they’ve destroyed, killed a life…and this should not only be enforced in western countries but also muslim countries as well especially in the emirates/saudi -stop denying it!!! -its zina for little girls and sodomy for little boys…



this was featured on sbs insight too about what to do with this problem/disease


being a mummy now i do worry about the evils/menaces baz might be exposed to…right now i can guard him as to who he can be around with but what about when he’s older…

when i was around 11-15, just blossoming to a yound adult, my dad did started to get octopus-like with his hands by ‘joking-ly’ tickling me around my waist and then ‘accidently’ knocking my breasts and whenever he went past behind me he would grab by ass -usually when mum wasn’t around…this went on until i decided to move out and live elsewhere in hope to find and live a ‘normal’ life, not the fucked up one at home…

i think its with the experiences with my dad, for him to later try and get me married off/auction off, just like he’s doing now with my other sisters that my relationships with guys – the one who i’ve been romantically linked with have all gone downhill…the same with how i see my body…dad tells me i’m a piece of meat, mum tells me i’m worthless if i don’t look like a stick…

it has been difficult for me to honour them after all this but if it weren’t for Allah, there’d be long disowned, divorced from my life…

Paedophile parking?


~ by nursheikha on October 28, 2009.

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